Stand out in the crowd.

Jul 23, 2020 By admin

Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd right?


Hi Everyone!


You may have seen last week that we put up a post looking for quality tradies to come on board with us and be ready to start working when we launch.


Well, let us just say that the response has been overwhelming and we are still working towards getting back to all of you. There have definitely been a few that stand out in the crowd!


In saying that, we thought it might be a good time now to discuss how you can make yourselves look more attractive to potential Employers, Head Contractors and Customers. One way to do this is by putting together a Company Info Pack.

It is such a great thing to have. Rather than sending a resume you can send one single document that answers any questions prospective clients may have.


Things to include are:


About your company: how long have you been operating, what you specialise in and why they should choose you.


Company information: This section should cover all the important stuff such as your ABN, License number/s, website and/or social pages. Insurance information and the number of employees you have (if more than yourself).


Recommendations/Testimonials: These are great attention grabbers. Having reviews and testimonials can really help potential clients to get an idea of who you are and the type of work you carry out.


And last but not least;


Make it pretty!! – Having the theme and colour scheme match your branding always helps but the most important part is to include pictures of your work. Visual cues are super important. They grab the eyes of the person reading the pack and really make it pop.


Now you’re ready to stand out in the crowd


The info pack doesn’t need to be long or really in depth, just enough to leave the potential client with something to think about and make them want to call you!


A good thing to remember is once you have put your Info Pack together you can use it again and again. You’ll only need to edit it if something changes or if you’re like me and like to change pictures often.


We hope this helps! If you’d like us to send you our information pack so you can create your own from our template – just let us know. We’ll happily pass it on



If you’d like to know more about MyTradie you can read our other blogs here or head to our facebook page



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