We’re Putting the Pedal to the Metal

March 10, 2021 By admin Since our launch we have really been pedal to the metal. For those of you following at home (and on our socials) you'll know that we have been accepted in to an Accelerator Program.

"What's an Accelerator Program?" I hear you ask.

An Accelerator Progam is where up and coming and "diamond in the rough" businesses get selected to participate in a program to help them grow and launch their business. Launch Pad is an exclusive Accelerator run by Western Sydney University. Let's just sa.... Leave a reply Read more

And we have LIFT OFF!

January 27, 2021 By admin So it's been a long couple of months in between our posts. But that's because we have been heads down and bums up. So for all of you who have been following along at home - WE HAVE LIFT OFF! That's right!! We are now up and running and live in both the Apple and Google Play Stores.   If you are an IOS user you can download the app here: Leave a reply Read more

Top 4 Things to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

November 05, 2020 By admin

Want to keep those customers coming back? But not sure what you need to perfect? If you can hit these 4 things on the head with your hammer, satisfaction will go through the roof!


Customers want to know everything pertaining to the works being completed. Make sure your quotes are very descriptive and provide a run down of what you will be doing, the more information the better. Also make sure that you carefully explain your pricing structure as well. W.... Leave a reply Read more

Don’t have thousands to spend on marketing? Here’s how you can grow your business on the cheap!

October 06, 2020 By admin Hi Team!   Once again we're talking marketing. Especially marketing for tradies. In the past we have talked about the priciest forms of marketing and advertising. But, we have never spoken about how we built our business and with no costs other than our business cards and time. Impossible you say?! I assure you - it's exactly how we did it!   We're not sure if you know exactly how we started and were able to grow to what we are today but let me tell you, we started without .... Leave a reply Read more

Spring has sprung – Here are some spring cleaning tips you can use for your business

September 19, 2020 By admin

Spring has definitely sprung and is sending some gorgeous rays our way.

Just as you might do some spring cleaning around your home. Why shouldn't we do the same for our businesses? Especially now that the dreaded tax time is out of the way. We have put together just a few little spring cleaning tips to help you keep your business in order. When was the last time you spoke to your Insurance Broker, Accountant and Financial Planner to make sure that everything was above board? Afte.... Leave a reply Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

September 09, 2020 By admin

Frequently Asked Questions

  Alright team! We know we’re new to the scene and there isn’t a lot of info out there about us and you all must have a lot of questions to ask. So we thought we’d beat you to it and answer a few of the questions we think are going to be asked quite frequently.   If there are other questions we may have missed, please ask away! We’d love to clear up any questions you may have.  

Q) Does MyTradie cost anything for tradie.... Leave a reply Read more

Toolbox Meeting #1

August 25, 2020 By admin

Welcome to Toolbox Meeting #1 from MyTradie

  We as tradies all know what a toolbox meeting usually means. A sausage sanga and a long ass meeting right?   Sorry to say, but you’re missing out on the sausage sanga for this one. But don't worry, we're not going to keep you long … phew!   This one is a bit of an important one. What do we know about Safe Work Method Statements (or SWMS for short)? We know that they are, they are those pesk.... Leave a reply Read more

Stand out in the crowd.

July 23, 2020 By admin Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd right?   Hi Everyone!   You may have seen last week that we put up a post looking for quality tradies to come on board with us and be ready to start working when we launch.   Well, let us just say that the response has been overwhelming and we are still working towards getting back to all of you. There have definitely been a few that stand out in the crowd!   In saying that, we thought it might .... Leave a reply Read more

COVID-19 – How it Effects You and the New Pre-Screening and Safety Measures Now in Place

July 16, 2020 By admin Hi Team,   We have some pressing information that we need to get out to you all and a request that we hope everyone will take on board.   We are in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19 and unfortunately for us, we are experiencing it full force in our local area.   Now is the time to be more vigilant than ever. Please stay at home and out of public where you can. If you do need to go out please invest in masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. We will be carrying,.... Leave a reply Read more

Achievement Level 1 = Unlocked!

June 29, 2020 By admin

Achievement Level 1 = Unlocked!

Well, what a great little update we have for you all today! We are one step closer in having MyTradie up off the ground and ready for action! We have reached the first milestone in the apps build. This means we are definitely still on track for an August/September of 2020 launch! As Nelson Mandela once said “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” So, here is a little video of how it’s looking so far – there.... Leave a reply Read more
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